Newus Clinic



How much will therapy cost?

Fees at 50 minutes a session:

Principal Psychologist £160
Clinical Counselling Psychologist £155
Senior Psychotherapist £115
Cognitive Career Coach £110
Couples’ therapy £160
Grief support £180
Family therapy £200
Supervision £155
Report writing £35

*Fees may vary depending on the insurer

How do I know if I need professional help?

If the issue you are facing is affecting you physically, mentally and emotionally such as causing stress, mood swings, sleep deprivation, loss of appetite, fatigue, lack of interest in activities that normally bring joy, no inner peace or other symptoms and you require medical leave, then you need professional help. If you have tried to solve it on your own but couldn’t or don’t know how and it seems to be getting worse, or tried to tell people around you but no one takes it seriously, then you need professional help.

What can I expect in a session?

In the initial session, your therapist will listen, make note of your history in relation to the issue and will ask you questions. In the subsequent session, your practitioner will recommend therapy and treatment goals.

Who will access my file and information?

Your personal details such as booking information will be stored in a third-party platform and managed by staff with administrative authority at Newus Clinic; your file will be accessed by your practitioner only, unless otherwise disclosed.

How often will I need therapy?

An assessment will be made on your first and second consultation, along with a recommendation for therapy and frequency of treatment, the number of sessions may vary according to your progress.

Will I be able to contact my therapist directly?

Yes, if you have an urgent matter or development to discuss between sessions you may contact your therapist at the clinic or at the contact details provided to you, during office hours only.

For medical emergencies contact 999, non-medical emergencies contact 111. For 24-hour psychological advice, call the Samaritans 116 123 or NHS 24-hour helpline 0300 1234 244.